A New Sound Era Hammer Down by Mark Friday

Explore Some Melodic Metal Music from an indie Metal Music Artist, listen now to some heavy Metal. This is called Hammer Down by the Artist Mark Friday

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Heavy blues grooving metal riffs played with precision, layered over with a blues/phygian lead played with passion. while a dancer dances in the doorway to a fantasy land filled with excitement and adventure. Mark Friday played the guitar , Curt Kaufman played bass and Brian Mikulich played drums, dancer is Rebecca Tumescu . Friday Dies is just a great band everyone should see live. Mark Friday

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Music Artist Bio

Mark Friday was inspired very early as a small child by classical music of Bach, beatoven, Paganini , mozart and many more. As he grew up he expanded his love for music into every genre but found his place in heavy metal music inspired by bands like black sabbath/ dio/ slayer and metallica. Eventually forming Friday Dies, a band whose music stands the test of time.


What our Music editors said

Our Music editors felt this retro metal style music was inspiring and a fresh feel to the metal indie music scene.  You can tell this music is infusion of music artist pioneers of the past.   This style of retro metal often draw direct inspiration from pioneering heavy metal bands such as Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, and Motörhead. These influences are evident in both musical style and thematic content.