Hammer Down by Friday Dies a rising artist

This is a lyric video for the song Hammer Down by Friday Dies. The first single off the album The Sky is the Ocean.

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Music Video

In the heart of Wisconsin, amidst the rolling hills and thunderous skies, Friday Dies emerges as a beacon of raw energy and unyielding passion. Led by the fiery guitar work and commanding vocals of Mark Friday, this powerhouse unleashes their latest sonic assault with the single “Hammer Down,” a relentless anthem that reverberates with the primal essence of metal and rock.

From the moment the first chord strikes, “Hammer Down” grabs the listener’s senses and refuses to let go. Mark Friday’s guitar riffs slice through the air like a sharpened blade, cutting through the silence with precision and ferocity. With each thunderous beat, drummer Brian Mikulich drives the rhythm forward while bassist Curtis Kaufmann lays down a foundation as solid as the earth itself.

But “Hammer Down” is more than just a showcase of musical prowess; it’s a testament to the resilience of the human spirit. Born from the depths of personal reflection and inspired by the trials of life, the song’s introspective lyrics resonate with listeners on a profound level. It speaks to the struggles we all face, the battles we must fight, and the strength we discover in the face of adversity.

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