Sunny Day Smile by Ren Ashfield

The video begins inside a gray room, 3/4 old, gray bureaucrats are sitting at a desk.
checking documents in silence, on the other side of the table a worried young woman.

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The bureaucrats’ hand her a piece of paper to sign, she is undecided, the old men remain as impassive as marble statues.

The young woman then makes up her mind and brings the pen to paper.
The old people watch her while she signs, look at the paper, instead of a signature there is a SMILEY SUN.!

She walks out to a figure standing in the passage doorway – its Ren.
She walks toward him and he puts his arm around her he starts his old Triumph, they are cruising along. they arrive at an Amusement park and she finds her boyfriend ,they start to argue,

She walks away… then the young couple hug and then they make up.
A ray of sun shine from the clouds and Ren says ? Don’t you love a sunny day!

Rock with Soul and Passion.

A sunny day usually brings a big smile as the sun makes everything seem better.

The clouds of time darken our moods and make us change our opinions and styles, like the

people who make the laws usually do, in dark buildings away from reality therefore what they think is best is not always so…Lovers in the park as I walk by, he says to her ‘Stay don’t walk away’ feel sun It will warm your soul and open your eyes. The heat of love keeps two hearts together.
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