$uper Cash

Super Cash professional Rap Artist

$uper Cash | lead artist, creator and professional rap artist.

Cash “$uper Cash” Cassidy was born and raised in South Portland, Maine.He posted his first video to YouTube six days after his seventh birthday. He has yet to stop posting YouTube videos.

Super Cash

$uper Cash’s name is often spelled “Super Cash,” and he is also known as Soup or Cash Cassidy

Cash wrote his first rap song for a project in his fifth-grade class. The following summer, he met Spose in a parking lot outside a Seadogs game. Spose gave him a CD of “The Peter Sparker Mixtape,” and Cash played that album every night as he fell asleep for years. Around this time, he began creating rap music videos.

After graduating from South Portland High School in 2020, he moved to Los Angeles, California. Taking full advantage of the COVID-19 pandemic, he helped produce the movie “Fallen Drive,” spearheaded by his brother, Nick Cassidy, for studio92.

Next year, Cash attended Loyola Marymount University. He disliked that experience so much that he moved to Bulgaria the next year to attend the American University in Bulgaria. His school year concluded with creating the song and music video “ONSET” and determining that school wasn’t his thing.

Then, Cash returned to Maine to create “Suited Up” and help convert a bus into an RV. With his buddy, Yams, Cash is now riding that converted bus to San Jose, California for the 2023 Cinequest Film Festival, where “Fallen Drive” has its world premiere.

Cash’s favorite artists are Aesop Rock, Lupe Fiasco, Spose, The Lonely Island, and Outkast.

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