I don’t wanna be here by Titchy

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“I don’t wanna be here”

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Her lyrical majesty and the vocal queen whom we have come to know as the queen of comedy is about to go for our ribs only this time she will be doing it lyrically and under the accompaniment of a sad/melancholic and dark pop aesthetic when she finally drops that single and video for the track I don’t wanna be here. Titchy has been that favorite female captivating female artist and actress; she was born in the UK but currently plies her trades in the splendid Los Angeles city, California. To those who may not have heard of her – She describes her style of music as gearing towards that sad, dark, emo/Goth aesthetic pop style, delivering heart-wrenching lyrics amidst equally melancholic but melodically resonant and rhythmic instruments to whisk a sad listener to a musical space that is inhabited by sad people!

She now has another special musical gift that she is set to release this coming Friday, 18th February 2022 and premiere the music video for the same track on the same day. This track is exactly as its title suggests, it’s about that feeling of emptiness and not belonging to a particular environment or even situation. We have often found ourselves in such situations in life or relations where we felt we did not belong there and sometimes we convinced ourselves to stay for the greater good only to live with the bitter residue of loneliness, anger, sadness and remain haunted by the harsh reality of our own dashed dreams. If that is the case, then this is the track to deeply resonate with as Titchy’s glamorously crispy vocals do their magic as they have always done to ensure you have an immersive listening experience.

From the miniature snippet she posted on her Instagram, there is an abundance of melody in the track and honestly, that should not come as a surprise seeing as her previous tracks such as “I put a spell on you”, “Tell me you love me”. And “What if” all flaunted their luxurious melody to splendorous effects! You will want to be there when she finally drops the track and all you have to do is subscribe to her YouTube channel and set the reminder so as to stand counted as one of the lucky beings who will be part of the premiere release. Isn’t that marvelous!

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